In this vibrant picture book "Carlo The Mouse on Vacation", young readers are invited to take a journey with a daring mouse who takes center stage in an adventure bigger than his appetite. The book allows children to travel in their imaginations and promotes eagerness to see new things.

Carlo the mouse lives a simple life in a Florida hospital, but always dreams of bigger things. The curious mouse has never been outside the four walls of his home and he has one unfulfilled wish – a Vacation. In a twist of fate, the nosy mouse unexpectedly finds himself on his adventures and misadventures by accidentally landing inside an opened car trunk, riding the wrong bus and boarding an airplane that takes him halfway around the world.

This book takes readers on a joyful ride to Paris, where the shrewd Carlo finds a way to survive the most unusual situations while dodging – or causing – mayhem along the way, touching readers’ hearts and making them laugh. Each new adventure teaches Carlo the mouse something about the real world and himself. It also takes one-step back and shows that the best thing in life is self-discovery and there is nothing better than to like and be yourself.

The book is written in a humorous style, easy to read for all types of readers. With funny characters and amusing illustrations bursting on every page with colors and fun, "Carlo The Mouse on Vacation" gives parents, grandparents, baby sitters and those who love to read an interesting way for them to spend time together. The story allows young readers to self reflect and endorse individuality, and teach children not to lose themselves in today’s busy world.


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